How to Transfer SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Main Branch Account?

SBI Kiosk Account is a liberalized KYC account with limitations that provides banking services to people who do not have a lot of documents to create a bank account.

The kiosk banking model was developed by RBI to promote financial inclusion amongst the citizen, especially in the rural areas.

Anyone can open a bank account in the Kiosk branch of the bank using their Aadhaar card but the account will be limited like withdrawal limit of Rs.10,000/- per day, no cheque book facility, etc.

This limitation can be removed if the account holder transfers his/her SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Main branch account.  

In this column, we will discuss How to Transfer SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Main Branch Account, documents required, account transfer process, etc.

How to Transfer SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Main Branch Account

Transfer Process of SBI Kiosk Account to SBI Main branch account

Technically, you cannot transfer your bank account from the SBI Kiosk account to SBI Main branch account. To resolve this problem, you can apply for a new SBI Bank account in the main branch and close the old account.

The following are the process using which you can transfer the SBI Kiosk Bank account to SBI Main branch account-

  • Visit the SBI Kiosk Bank branch and write a letter stating that you want to close the bank account in the respective kiosk branch and submit the letter to the bank representative
  • After reviewing the letter, the bank representative will sign and stamp the letter
  • After that, you have to visit the  SBI Main Bank branch with this letter, all the documents mentioned below, and fill the application form
  • After filling the application form, attach the letter, and documents and submit them to the SBI Main branch representative
  • He/she will process your application form and documents and on successful verification, your account opening process will begin
  • After the account has been successfully opened, you’ll receive a welcome message stating your account has been opened with the SBI branch
  • Now, within 7 working days, you’ll receive SBI welcome kit which contains SBI Debit Card, Cheque book, passbook, etc.
  • Your bank account has been opened successfully and you can use an SBI Bank account as usual

You can also open SBI Bank Account online for faster and easy bank account opening.

Documents Required for SBI Main Bank Account

The following are the documents required for opening a bank account in SBI-

Type of DocumentDocument List
Proof of AddressCredit Card Statement
Salary slip
Income/Wealth Tax Assessment Order
Electricity Bill
Telephone Bill
Bank account statement
Letter from reputed employer
Letter from any recognized public authority
Ration Card
Proof of IdentityPassport
Voter ID card
PAN Card
Govt./Defence ID card
ID cards of reputed employers
Driving Licence
Other Documents2 Passport Size photograph