How to Activate PNB Net Banking? Setup Process, Fund transfers, etc.

Punjab National Bank is one of the oldest banks in India established in the year 1895. With a vast presence throughout the country, PNB is one of the primary banks in India.

The bank has established a vast network with a presence in almost all areas. PNB also provides Digital banking services using which they can reach anywhere in the world hence increasing their network even further.

You can use the Punjab National Bank digital banking services using which you can access all the banking services within the comfort of your home. But, to use digital banking, you have to enable/activate your account for using digital banking services.

In this article, we will discuss how to activate PNB Net banking, Setup Process, Fund transfers, etc.

How to Activate PNB Net Banking Setup Process, Fund transfers, etc.

How to Activate PNB Net Banking Account?

You can use the following method to activate your PNB Net Banking account-

  • Visit the nearest PNB bank premise and ask the bank representative for the account updating form
  • Fill the form and make sure to tick on the services like mobile banking, net banking, etc.
  • Now, submit the form and show an identity to the representative for verification
  • After submitting the form, your account will be enabled to use net banking after setting it up

Setting up PNB Net Banking for the First-time user

To initialize your setup process for PNB Bank for the first time, you can follow these steps-

  • Visit the official net banking portal of Punjab National Bank followed by clicking on the new user button
  • Now, a page will appear where you’ll have to insert you’re A/C number and date of birth or PAN card number
  • Now, click on the register type to internet banking, mobile banking or both(whatever you prefer) and choose the type of facility as “View and Transaction” and click on the ‘verify’ button
  • Now, an OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number which you’ll have to enter in the relevant field
  • After entering the OTP, you have to setup the login password and transaction password using which you can access your account
  • Now, click on the complete registration button. You can now start using PNB Net banking and mobile banking


What is PNB Digital Banking?

Punjab National Bank digital banking is a service provided by the PNB bank using which the account holder can access his/her account within the comfort of their home over the internet. There is no need to visit the bank premises to get your things done, you can now simply use your laptop or mobile phone to access the digital banking portal and initiate your banking transaction from there.

Do I have to register for using PNB net banking?

Yes, registration for PNB Net Banking is very important for the account to be enabled to use the net banking, however, the account currently being opened automatically comes with the Digital Banking activation. The account can be simply activated by using the net banking portal, there is no need to visit the bank premises for that.

What to do if I forgot my PNB Net Banking password?

If you’ve forgotten your PNB Net banking password then you can reset your password by using the forgot password button. You’ll have to follow the on-screen instructions and after completing the instructions you can set up your new password.

What Can I do with my Punjab National Bank Digital Banking services?

Digital Banking services offer almost 90% of the banking services over the internet. You can use digital banking methods to open a bank account, fund transfer, PNB account balance check, mini-statement check, etc.