How to Create Ayusman Bharat Health ID? Ayushman Bharat Health Mission-Registration, Benefits, etc.

Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched a healthcare system that offers every individual digital healthcare services.

This system provides the user with a unique 14-digit Health Identification number that can be used by any stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.

This system does not store your data but, it is a network using which access between various stakeholders like doctors, laboratories, etc. can be done.

The data or health records of the individual will remain safe with the relevant authorities and will be stored according to their privacy policies.

This system is built keeping privacy and security in mind and therefore offers a self opt-in feature meaning you can opt-in and out of the system as per your wish

In this column, you’ll find out how to create your Ayusman Bharat health ID? registration, benefits, etc.

ayushman bharat mission how to create health ID

The Benefit of Ayushman Bharat Health ID

The following are the benefits of using Ayushman Bharat Health ID-

  • The user get paperless access to his/her medical record anytime and anywhere
  • All your health records will be kept safe online and you do not need to physically store them
  • In case your physical record is lost, then you can access the record online
  • It is a fully secure and privacy driven system for an individual
  • All your receipts, hospital bills, discharge documents, medication prescriptions, etc. will be accessed using a single-point portal
  • The user will be provided with 14 digital unique codes as well as a unique PHR address that can be used to access and store records respectively.

How to Create your Ayushman Bharat Health ID?

The following are the step by step methods of creating your own Ayushman Bharat Health ID-

  • Click on the ‘Create Health ID’ button to initiate the process
  • Now, click on the ‘Generate via Aadhaar’ button to use Aadhaar or alternatively you can also use the mobile number to create your Health ID
  • Provide your Aadhaar Card number or Virtual ID number followed by clicking on the “I agree” checkbox and click on the Submit button
  • Now, an OTP on your mobile number will be sent to your registered mobile number, enter your mobile number and click on the submit button
  • A new page will appear where you have to enter your mobile number and click on the submit button
  • Now, a profile page will appear where you have to enter your name, email and choose your own PHR address, click on the submit button when done
  • After clicking on the submit button, your Health ID card will be generated that you can download using the download button

FAQ on Ayushman Bharat Health ID

What are the contact details of Ayushman Bharat Health ID authorities?

In case you want to contact the Ayushman Bharat Health ID authorities, you have to contact the NDHM at [email protected] or call using a toll-free number – 1800-11-4477 / 14477

What is PHR Address?

PHR Address is a self-declared username that is used by a Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager (HIE-CM).  It stands for Personal Health Record and will be used for data sharing amongst different stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem

What is a Health ID?

Health Id is a random 14-digit number used for identifying a person. It is also used to authenticate and share health record data across multiple systems and stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem.

How do I get a Health ID?

You’ll get the health ID after the registration using the web portal or android application downloadable from the Google Play store. You can also create your Health ID offline from various participating health facilities across India.

Is Aashaar Card mandatory to create a Health ID?

No, you can create your Health ID without Aadhaar Card as well. You can use your mobile phone to create the health ID.

Can I create more than one Health ID for myself?

Yes, you can although it is not recommended. But, in case you want to secure your information then you can separate your health care ID for different issues like separate Health ID for sexual medical history.

What are the documents that I have to submit?

Health ID creating is a paperless process and you do not need any documents to create your own Health ID.

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