Aadhaar Card Address Change Process Changed

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has amended the process of the Aadhaar card address change. Earlier the address change was possible without the need for having any proof.   

An aadhaar card is a very important Government of India issued a document to verify your unique identity. It is needed for availing numerous advantages offered under several state-backed programs. In order to continue receiving the benefits, the Aadhar Card must be suitably updated. For example, the address on the Aadhaar Card is needed to avail specific benefits and is required at several places like the Passport office, mobile purchase, etc. Hence, it is necessary to update the existing address at the earliest.

The address on the Aadhaar Card can be changed at the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) website. UIDAI is a government of India authority that officially issues the Aadhaar card. There has been a recent change in the process of address change in the Aadhaar card and you must know it. The information about the change in address process was broadcasted on the UIDAI official Twitter handle on Jun 14, 2021.

“Dear Resident, the Address Validation Letter facility has been discontinued until further notice. Kindly request your address update using another valid PoA document from the list,”

UIDAI replied to a user in its tweet.

Earlier, UIDAI allowed Indian citizens to change their address in their Aadhaar Card even when there was no documented proof. Aadhaar cardholders had the facility to change their address with the consent and authentication of the address verifier. An address verifier is a person who is ready to allow the Aadhaar Cardholder to use his or her address as proof. It could be the landlord, a friend, a relative, or a family member. After the discontinuation of the service, the Aadhaar Cardholder would have to supply any one of the 45 available documents as proof of address to make the address change on the UIDAI website.

List of Documents

The UIDAI portal allows 45 documents to use as address proof to change the Aadhar card address online. These documents are

  1. Arms License
  2. Bank Passbook or Statement
  3. CGHS/ ECHS Card
  4. Certificate of Address with photo that was issued by MLC/ MLA/ MP/ Gazetted Officer/ Tehsildar on UIDAI standard certificate format for enrolment/ update
  5. Certificate of Address with Photo issued by Municipal Councillor on UIDAI Standard Certificate Format for Enrolment and Update
  6. Certificate of Address (rural area) issued by Village Panchayat head or its equivalent authority on UIDAI standard certificate format for enrolment/ update
  7. Certificate of Identity Containing Name, Address and Photo issued by Recognized Educational Institution signed by Head of Institute on UIDAI Standard Certificate Format for Enrolment and update
  8. Certificate of Identity Containing Name, Date of Birth, and Photograph issued by Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on UIDAI Standard Certificate Format for Enrolment and Update
  9. Credit Card Statement (Less than 3-month-old)
  10. Certificate from Superintendent/ Warden/ Matron/ Head of Institution of Recognized Shelter Homes or Orphanages on UIDAI Standard Certificate Format for Enrolment and Update
  11. Department of Posts issues Address Card with Photo
  12. Driving License
  13. Electricity Bill (Less than 3-month-old)
  14. Extract of School Records containing Name, Address, and Photograph Issued by Head of School
  15. Freedom Fighter Card
  16. Gas Connection Bill (Less than 3-month-old)
  17. Government-issued Marriage Certificate Containing Address
  18. Government Photo ID cards or PSU-issued Service Photo Identity Card
  19. Government of Rajasthan Issued Bhamashah Card or Jan-Aadhaar Card
  20. Identity Card Issued by Recognized Educational Institutions
  21. Income Tax Assessment Order
  22. Insurance Policy
  23. Kissan Passbook
  24. NREGA Job Card
  25. Passport
  26. Passport of Parents (in case of Minor)
  27. Passport of Spouse
  28. Pensioner Card
  29. Post Office Passbook or Account Statement
  30. Property Tax Receipt (Less than 1-year-old)
  31. Ration Card
  32. Registered Sale/ Lease/ Rent Agreement
  33. Signed Bank Letter having Photo on Letterhead
  34. Signed Recognized Educational Institution’s Letter having Photo on Letterhead or Photo ID having Address Issued by Recognized Educational Institution
  35. Signed registered Company Letter having Photo on Letterhead
  36. SSLC Book with Photo
  37. School Identity Card
  38. School Leaving Certificate (SLC)/ School Transfer Certificate (TC), containing Name and Address
  39. State Government Issued Caste and Domicile Certificate with Photo
  40. State or Central Government Issued Allotment Letter of Accommodation (Less than 3-year-old)
  41. State or UT Government Issued Disability ID Card/ handicapped medical certificate
  42. Telephone Landline Bill (Less than 3-month-old)
  43. Voter ID
  44. Water Bill (Less than 3-month-old)
  45. Vehicle Registration Certificate

Steps to Change the Aadhaar Card Address on the UIDAI portal

You can update the Aadhaar Card address on the Self Service Update Portal (SSUP).

Step 1: Visit the official UIDAI page at https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html.

Step 2: Choose the option ‘Proceed to Update Aadhaar.’

Step 3: Fill in the Aadhaar Card details.

Step 4: Enter the captcha code to verify the Aadhaar Card details.

Step 5: Feed in the Aadhaar Card linked mobile number.

Step 6: Use the OTP sent to your phone to verify the phone number.

Step 7: Fill in the Aadhaar Card details along with the new address.

Step 8: Verify address by uploading any of the UIDAI approved documents and complete the address change process.