How to Convert SBI Debit Card Purchase into Easy EMI?

State Bank of India offers customers a facility where any purchase can be converted into an easy EMI option. You do not need to get a credit card for that. You can avail of the EMI using a debit card only. This service is one of a kind service where any high-value transaction can be converted into easy EMI. You can get this service on both Point of Sale and Online merchant websites like Amazon or Flipkart.  In this article, we will discuss how to get SBI Debit Card EMI Facility, eligibility, benefits, etc.

Am I Eligible for SBI Debit Card EMI Facility

To check whether you are eligible for SBI Debit Card EMI Facility, you can send a message to 567676 by typing in DCEMI from your registered mobile number (RMN). After sending in the SMS, whether you are eligible or not will be revealed by SBI via SMS.  

Loan Amount and Rate of Interest

According to SBI, a loan amount of Rs.8000/- to R.1,00,000/- can be availed in the form of a loan. The settlement of the loan will be based on the EMI with a fixed interest rate. Currently, SBI is charging an interest rate of 2-year MCLR + 7.50% i.e. 14.70% for a tenure of 6/9/12/18 months.

The Benefit of SBI Debit Card EMI Facility

The following are the benefit of the SBI Debit Card EMI Facility-

  • Zero processing and documentation charges will be charged
  • Can avail instant loan approval
  • There will be no blocking of the savings account balance of a customer.
  • Customers’ savings bank account will be automatically created with a Standing Instruction equal to the monthly installment amount.

How to use the SBI Debit Card EMI Facility?

The customer can use SBI Debit Card EMI Facility in both an online and offline manner.


The following are the methods to avail SBI Debit Card EMI facility online-

  • Visit the official website of online merchants like Amazon or Flipkart
  • Add the products you want to buy to your cart
  • Now, while paying for the products you can Easy EMI option followed by selecting SBI as your preferred bank
  • Now total billed amount will be auto fetched and you have to choose the tenure period
  • After selecting the tenure period, click on the proceed button
  • You will be redirected to the SBI net banking login page where you have to log in using your net banking credential
  • After login, a preview of your EMI plan along with interest and term and condiction will be listed. Now, you have to review the EMI plan followed by authorizing the payment using transaction details confirmation.  


The following are the methods to avail SBI Debit Card EMI facility offline-

  • Visit any merchant with a PoS Point of Sale device and swipe your SBI debit card
  • Now you have to select the Bank EMI Option as payment followed by selecting the tenure period of EMI payment
  • Now, enter your transaction PIN and press ok.
  • After successful verification of the PIN, the customer can a Charge Slip for the purchase.
  • The loan will be registered and the monthly payment will be deducted as per the selected tenure.

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