How to Check Nainital Bank Account Balance?

Nainital Bank provides a balance check facility using the customer care method. You’ll have to call the customer care number of the Nainital Bank and the customer care executive will pick up the phone. Post verification of your account, the executive will provide you with the bank balance details.

You’ll also have to get your mobile number registered with the bank. You can do that by visiting the Nainital Bank branch and filling out the account updation form where you’ll have to update your mobile number by mentioning the number.

Nainital Bank Balance Check Number

The Nainital bank balance check number for finding the bank balance of your account is 1800-180-4031. The number is a customer care number that will be picked up by the customer care executive and you’ll have to provide a few verification details followed by which your bank balance details will be provided by the executive.

Nainital Bank Balance Check Number

About Nainital Bank

Nainital Bank is a scheduled commercial Bank established in the year 1922. The bank is a subsidiary of the Bank of Baroda. The bank provides all kinds of services like Net Banking, Mobile Banking, etc. Apart from the balance check number, you can follow these methods to find the bank balance-

  • Using Nainital Bank SMS Banking
  • Using Nainital Bank Net Banking
  • Using Nainital Bank Mobile Banking
  • Using UPI App
  • Using Nainital Bank ATM

Nainital Bank SMS Banking

SMS Banking allows the bank account holder to send a text in a pre-defined syntax and receive an SMS containing their bank balance details. You can send the keywords to the SMS Banking number-8466997755.

 The syntax for Nainital Bank SMS Banking is as follows-

ServicesSyntax Code
Balance EnquiryNTBL<space>BAL<space><Last 13 digit of Account No>
Last 5 TransactionsNTBL<space>TRN<space>< Last 13 digit of Account No >
Cheque StatusNTBL<space>CHQ<space>< Last 13 digit of Account No >
Loan A/C Balance EnquiryNTBL<space>LNB<space><Account No>
Last 5 Transactions In Loan A/CNTBL<space>LNT<space><Account No>
ATM Block (Instantly)NTBL<space>ATMBLOCK<space>< Last 13 digit of Account No >

Nainital Bank Net Banking

Nainital Bank provides a Net banking facility that enables the account holder to check his Bank balance. You can use net banking to do various banking services like Fund transfers, statements, and much more. To avail of this service, you need to contact the bank branch and get the login details. After receiving the login details you can use the Nainital Bank Net Banking.

Nainital Bank Mobile Banking

Nanital Bank provides you with a Mobile banking app that you can download from the play store or the app store depending on your device. After downloading, you can activate the Nainital Bank mobile banking app and start using it to find your bank balance. Your bank balance details are mentioned in the Account summary section which can be found on the main dashboard after logging into the account.

For activating the mobile banking app, you’ll have to contact your bank and fill out the mobile banking activation account. The bank will activate your internet banking access to both mobile banking and net banking and also provide you with login credentials.

Nainital Bank ATM

You can also use the Nainital Bank ATM Card associated with your bank account to find the bank account balance. It is free to use service and can be used on any bank ATM machine. To use the service you can follow these steps-

  • Insert your ATM Card into the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN and press ok
  • Now select the balance inquiry option

Using UPI App

You can use any UPI app to connect your Nainital bank account with the UPI app and start using the app to find the bank balance of your account. The UPI app will help you in using the UPI app to do various banking tasks like fund transfers, balance checks, etc.

For using the app, you’ll have to first connect your bank account with the UPI app and then activate it by providing your debit card details. To find your bank balance, login to your UPI app and navigate to the Account summary section followed by clicking on the check balance button. Now, your ban account details will be displayed.


Can I check my Nainital Bank Account details via SMS?

Yes, You can check your Nainital Bank Account via SMS. The bank provides various keycodes which you’ll have to use to find the details of your bank account. The SMS Banking number for the Nainital Bank is 8466997755.

How to Register my account for Net Banking?

To register your account for Net Banking, you’ll have to first fill out the account updation form and submit it to the bank representative. The bank will then provide you with the login credentials details.

What is the balance check number for the Nainital Bank?

The balance check number for the Nainital Bank is 1800-180-4031, you can find the bank balance by dialing the number and providing your bank account details to the customer care executive followed by finding your bank balance details.