How to Check DBS Bank Account Balance?

Lakshmi Vilas Bank has been amalgamated into DBS Bank and is now called DBS Bank. The account holders of the Lakshmi Vilas bank will now be customers of DBS Bank and soon the amalgamation process of the account holder will be completed. If you are an account holder of the Lakshmi Vilas Bank then you can still use the bank services from the branch however, after completion of the amalgamation process, your account will be shilfted and it will be hosted with the DBS Bank. 

It becomes difficult to keep a track of our bank account balance in our busy life schedules. To solve this problem DBS Bank offers their customer a missed call balance inquiry number that enables the account holder to give a missed call on a number and receive a text message from the bank containing the bank balance details. In this article, we will discuss how to check DBS Bank Account Balance, SMS Banking, Net Banking, etc.

How to Check DBS Bank Account Balance

DBS Bank Missed Call Number

The missed call number for DBS Bank is 08882441155 (Lakshmi Vilas Bank users) and 1800 209 4555 (DBS Bank users). After giving a missed call, the call will be automatically disconnected and an SMS Containing your bank account balance details will be sent.

To avail of this service, the account holder must register to use the service. To register yourself send an SMS to 9282441155 in the following syntax-


Apart from the Missed call Balance inquiry number the bank also provides the following methods to find the bank account balance-

  • DBS Bank SMS Banking
  • DBS Bank Mobile Banking
  • DBS Bank Net banking
  • digibank by DBS UPI
  • DBS Bank ATM

DBS Bank SMS Banking

SMS Banking allows the account holder to find the account balance by sending an SMS in a pre-defined syntax and receiving details of the bank balance as a reply. SMS Banking number for DBS Bank is 9282441155. You can use the following syntax to send the SMS-

Function Syntax
SMS Banking LVB< space>BAL< space> Customer ID< space> Account Number
Mini-Statement LVB < space>TXN < space> Customer ID

DBS Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking allows the account holder to use banking services using his mobile device. You can use any of the services that a bank branch provides within the comfort of your home by using the mobile app.

You can use the fund transfer, balance check, statement, and much more using the mobile app. The download link for the respective device for DBS Bank is given below-

Digibank by DBS Android

Digibank by DBS iPhone

DBS Bank Net banking

Net banking is one of the best banking services that enable the account holder to use the banking service within the comfort of the home and you can use the net banking 24X7 and 365 days even on bank holidays.

To avail of this service, the bank account must be registered with the bank branch which will provide you with the login details. After receiving the login details you can use the DBS Bank Net Banking to find the bank balance.

digibank by DBS UPI

If you are an account holder of the DBS Bank, then you can use the UPI app to find your bank balance by using the UPI App. You can use any UPI App to access your bank account easily. To find the bank account balance of your account using the UPI app, you can follow these steps-

  • Open the UPI App and login to the app using your login credentials
  • After logging in, navigate to the account summary section where all the bank accounts that are connected with the UPI network will show up
  • Select digibank by DBS and click the check balance button followed by entering the UPI PIN of your account
  • After entering the UPI PIN correctly, your account balance will be displayed and you can find the bank balance easily.


You can also use the ATM Card associated with the bank account to find the bank account balance. You can use any of the bank’s ATM Machines to find the bank account balance. Follow the following steps to find the bank account balance-

  • Insert your ATM Card into the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN in the ATM Machine
  • Select the Balance inquiry option

About DBS Bank

DBS Bank is a private sector bank founded in the year 1926. The bank has 591 bank branches all over the country. The bank provides all the services of a modern banking system like net banking mobile banking etc.

Minimum Maintenance Balance for DBS Bank

Every Bank has a minimum maintenance balance that has to be maintained to keep the bank account operational. The following are the minimum maintenance balance for DBS Bank-

Account type Locations Average Monthly Balance
Saving Account Rural 1000
Semi Urban 3000
Urban and Metro 5000
NRE SB and NRO SB 5000
Current Account All Locations 5000

If the account holder fails to maintain the minimum balance then the account will be subject to Charges/Fine. The charges for Non-Maintenance of minimum balance is as follows-

Account type Locations Conditions Charges for Non-Maintenance
Saving Account Rural Upto Rs 250.00 10%
Above Rs 250.00 15%
Semi Urban   Upto Rs 1500.00 10%
Above Rs 1500.00 15%
Urban and Metro   Upto Rs 2500.00 10%
Above 2500.00 15%
NRE SB and NRO SB Upto 2500.00 10%
Above 2500.00 15%
Current Account All Locations General Rs.200

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