How to Request Money Through UPI?

The unified Payment Interface is a marvel when it comes to digital payments. It is the best in the world with the highest number of transactions.

You can use UPI if you have an account with an Indian Bank. It is easy to set up, use and maintain. UPI is also free which makes it even more appealing to the greater audiences.

The appeal of the UPI app is not only limited to India but has crossed borders to UAE, France, Nepal, Bhutan, etc.

The only pre-requisite for using the UPI app is to have an account with UPI Partnered bank. You can find the UPI partner list on the official website.

Almost every Indian Bank has partnered with the UPI app and some international partners have signed MOUs to provide UPI services to other countries as well.

What makes UPI amazing is its features, which are easy, yet amazingly useful.  In this article, we will discuss how to request money through UPI apps.

How to Request Money Through UPI

Features of UPI

The following are the features of the UPI app that you can use-

  • It is a real-time money transfer app meaning all the payments that you initiate will be instantly (within seconds) transferred
  • You can use a single UPI app to access your multiple accounts
  • You can use single-click payment which uses UPI PIN to confirm your payments
  • There are various methods that you can use for fund transfers Card numbers, virtual addresses, Account numbers, IFSC codes, etc.
  • You can share your bills with your friends
  • You can also use the UPI apps to pay online bills like online payments, Utility bills, broadband payments, etc.

How do Request Money through the UPI app?

You can follow these steps to request money through UPI apps-

  • Open the BHIM UPI app and login to your account using your login credentials
  • After logging in, click on the ‘Request Money’ button
  • Now, select the VPA from where you want to request funds, amount, and remarks
  • After entering the VPA, submit and confirm the details

Approving the Payment Request

  • Your request for money will be sent to the person you are requesting the payment from
  • Now, he/she will have to login to their and navigate to the “Pending Request” button
  • After that click on the approve button, enter the MPIN and the payment will be initiated


What is the daily limit for UPI transactions?

The daily limit for the UPI transactions is Rs.2 Lakhs/-. A person can make up to 20 transactions each day. Merchant accounts are excluded from this limit.

Can a user use their UPI app to access multiple accounts?

Yes, the UPI app can be used to access multiple accounts. If you have multiple bank accounts, then you can easily use the UPI apps to access your account.

Can a user send money to someone who is not a UPI user?

Yes, the UPI app provides users with an Account Number and Bank IFSC Code to send money using the UPI app.

Is a debit card required to make a UPI payment?

Yes, the Debit card is very important for using the UPI app. Using the debit card, UPI app gets access to the app.