How to Check RBL Bank Account Balance?

RBL Bank Provides a toll-free missed Call number that enables the bank account holder to give a missed call on the RBL Bank Missed Call Number and receive an SMS containing the bank account balance details.

RBL Bank Missed Call Number

RBL Bank Balance check Missed Call Number is 1800 419 0610. After giving a missed call the call will be automatically disconnected and an SMS containing your bank account balance will be sent.

RBL Bank Missed Call Number

About RBL Bank

RBL Bank or Ratnakar Bank Limited is a private sector bank established in the year 1943. It is a commercial bank providing all kind of service that a modern bank provides. The bank has 286 bank branches in 20 states and Union Territories. Apart from the RBL Bank, you can also use the following methods to find the bank account balance-

  • RBL Bank SMS Banking
  • RBL Bank Net Banking
  • RBL Bank Mobile Banking
  • RBL Bank ATM

RBL Bank SMS Banking

RBK Bank provides SMS Banking which can be used by sending a text message with a pre-defined syntax to an RBL Bank SMS Banking number. RBL Bank SMS Banking number is +91-9223366333. The following are the syntax that can be used to find the respective services-

Description SMS Keyword
Registration for SMS Banking REG<space> Customer ID 
De- Registration on SMS Banking DEREG<space> Customer ID 
Change of Primary Account SET<space> Customer ID <space> Account Number 
Balance Request CASA BAL<space> Customer ID <space> Account Number 
Last 5 Transactions CASA TXN<space> Customer ID <space> Account Number 
Cheque Status Enquiry CHQSTA<space> Customer ID <space> Account Number <space> Cheque Number 
New ATM Pin Generation PIN<space> 4 digit of card number <space> Customer ID <space> PIN
Regeneration of ATM PIN REPIN<space> 4 digit of card number <space> Customer ID <space> PIN
Temporary Blocking of Card TBLOCK<space>4 digit of card number <space> Customer ID 
Unblocking of Temporary Card UBLOCK<space>4 digit of card number<space> Customer ID 

RBL Bank Net Banking

Net Banking is a service that allows the account holder to use the banking service within the comfort of the home 24X7 and 365 days. To use this service the account holder must be registered with the bank branch and get the login details. After receiving the login details the account holder can start using the RBL Bank Net Banking.

RBL Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is similar to the Net Banking only difference being the use of Mobile device as banking medium. You can use various banking service using the Mobile app including fund transfer, Balance check, and much more. The download link for the respective devices is listed below-


You can also use the RBL Bank ATM Card to find the bank account balance and it is free service that all banks provide. You can use any bank ATM Machine to use the service. To find the bank account balances follow these steps-

  • Insert your ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN in the ATM Machine
  • Select the Balance inquiry option from the listed options.

Minimum Maintenance Balance for RBL Bank

Every Bank has a minimum maintenance balance that has to be maintained by the account holder. The following are the maintenance balance for the respective devices-

Type of Account Minimum Maintenance Balance
Digital Savings Account – Woman’s First   Rs. 10000
Basic Savings Account and Classic Savings Account    Metro/Urban-2500
Advantage Savings Rs. 25,000
Seniors First Prime Edge Savings/ Saving Account Rs. 5,000
Business Current Account METRO / URBAN- Rs. 10,000

If the account holder fails to maintain the minimum maintenance balance then the account will be charged with non-maintenance charges. The following are the Non-maintenance charges for the respective website-

Type of Account Condition Charges
Savings Account   If Balance maintained is > 50%
If Balance maintained is > 50%
If balance maintained is <=50%
5% of balance shortfall
5% of balance shortfall
10% of balance shortfall
10% of balance shortfall
Maximum of Rs 500 per month
Current Account AMB > 50000
AMB < 50000 > 25000
AMB < Rs 25000
Rs. 1000
Rs. 1200  
Rs. 1500

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