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Now Indians will be able to use UPI in France? (Coming soon)

France is a Western European Country with a major economy and a strategic partnering country with India.

UPI or Unified Payment Interface is an innovative and world’s most advanced payment system which has made India a global leader in Instant payment.

Naturally, every other country would want to tap into this system as this will help them in making ease of payment and reach every other citizen of their respective country.

UPI was introduced in the year 2016, and ever since its introduction, the use of UPI has increased exponentially, and contributed a lot to the Indian Economy.

NPCI International Payment Limited which is an international wing of the National Payment Corporation of India had a Memorandum of Understanding or MoU with a french company Lyra Networks.

This MoU will soon introduce the UPI system in France and Indians Travelling to France or French Nationals would be able to use the UPI for payments in French businesses and Outlets.

This move by both governments could bring both the country together and help both the country to tap into unexplored business avenues.

Whenever Indian companies want to start their European operations, they would choose London as their headquarters which brings a lot of investment into London. So much so, that India is the 2nd largest FDI contributor to the UK.

Paris wants to replace London and become India’s go-to place for business investment, hence, this move of enabling UPI in France along with partnering with India in other areas are strategic moves by France.

India is the fastest growing major economy, and every other country would want to become a part of this growth story that India will witness in the coming future.

Now Indians will be able to use UPI in France

How will UPI work in France?

UPI is an ecosystem that facilitates payment from one’s bank account to another. This system works when both the parties i.e., receiver and sender both are present on the UPI Network. 

After this MoU between France and India, the UPI ecosystem will be soon introduced in France and enable the user to be present on the UPI system. 

The entire ecosystem work like a messaging app, i.e. when the sender request the sender’s bank to send the money. The message travel through the UPI network to the receiver’s bank and the amount gets reflected on the receiver’s bank. 

Then the network will send a confirmation message to both receiver and sender with updated payment details. 

List of UPI Apps to Install 

The following is the list of UPI apps that you can install on your smartphone for using the UPI app-

  • PhonePe
  • Paytm
  • BHIM app
  • MobiKwik
  • Google pay
  • Uber
  • Chillr
  • Paytm Payments Bank
  • Mobile Banking app of various Indian Banks provides UPI services

How to Activate the UPI App To Make Payments in France?

You can make payments through the UPI app in France. For using the service, you would need to download the UPI app and activate it. The following are the detailed steps using which you can activate your UPI app-

  • Download and install the UPI app on your smartphone and open the app
  • After opening the app, the app will ask for a few permission which you’ll have to allow
  • Now, you’ll have to verify your mobile number for which an SMS will be sent from your mobile number to the UPI server
  • This will list out all your bank account in the network out of which you’ll have to choose your bank account
  • After choosing your bank account, you’ll have to create your MPIN which is used for logging in and initiating the payments
  • Now, you can easily use the UPI app by logging into the UPI app and initiating the payment

How to Make Payments through UPI in France?

After activation, you can follow these steps to make payments through the UPI app in France-

  • For making an international payment, you’ll have to first ensure that the vendor or merchant is present on the network
  • Now, you’ll have to open the BHIM UPI app and click on the bank account button
  • After clicking on the button, various options will show up, you’ll have to choose the UPI Global
  • The app will ask for an activation of the UPI Global for which you’ll have to agree followed by entering the UPI MPIN for that
  • After entering the correct UPI PIN, You’ll be able to use the BHIM UPI app for making international payments in France


Can we pay using UPI for international payments?

Yes, you can pay using the UPI app for international payments. For initiating the international payments, you’ll have to first enable UPI Global from the main app menu.

Are there any charges for using UPI Global?

No, apart from the international currency exchange there are no charges for the UPI Global payments.

Can I use the Google Pay app for payment using UPI in France?

No, the Google Play app is only enabled in India and you cannot use the Google Play app yet in France.

If I have a bank account with a French bank can I’ll be able to use the UPI services?

UPI services are only available to the banks which are present on the UPI Network. If your bank account is not on the UPI Network then you’ll not be able to use the UPI app.

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