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How to Use UPI in Bhutan & Nepal?

The popularity of UPI has crossed India’s border and reached a lot of friendly countries across the globe. France, UAE, and Singapore, are some of the big countries where UPI has been introduced by NPCI International Ltd.

Bhutan and Nepal are one of the first who adopted the UPI system for payments in their respective countries. This move will further increase the chances for Indian Travelers, importers, etc. to increase the ease of doing business between these countries.

You can also do cross-border remittances using the UPI payments interface. The UPI works using your phone by enabling you to make payments easily.

In this article, we will discuss how to use UPI in Bhutan & Nepal, How to Activate UPI App, how to make payments using UPI in Bhutan and Nepal, etc.

How to Use UPI in Bhutan & Nepal

List of Apps you can use for making UPI payments

The following is the list of apps you can use to make UPI payments-

  • PhonePe
  • Paytm
  • BHIM app
  • MobiKwik
  • Google Pay
  • Uber
  • Chillr
  • Paytm Payments Bank
  • Mobile Banking app of various Indian Banks provides UPI services

Pre-Requisite for using UPI

To use UPI, you’ll need certain prerequisites which will help you in using the UPI. The following are the pre-requisite that will help you in using the UPI-

  • The user using UPI must have a bank account with a member bank i.e., the bank registered with the UPI can participate in the UPI transactions
  • The user must have a mobile phone, it can be both a feature phone or a smartphone. UPI works on both types of phones
  • Once connected, you can make payment using three different methods which are as follows-
    • Using QR Code
    • Using Virtual Private Address or VPA

How to Activate UPI App on your Smartphone?

You can follow these steps to activate UPI App on your Smartphone-

  • Download and install the UPI App on your smartphone and open the app
  • Now select the language followed by allowing for the permissions
  • After that, you’ll have to select your SIM card Number which is registered with the ban
  • Now, an SMS will be sent from this number to the bank servers for verification of your number
  • After verification is completed, you’ll have to select your bank name from the list
  • After selecting your bank name, you’ll have to enter the Debit card details of your bank account
  • After entering the details, you’ll have to set your UPI MPIN which is used for logging in and as a transaction PIN
  • After setting up the MPIN, your account is successfully opened and you’ll be able to use the UPI easily

How to Make payments using UPI in Bhutan and Nepal?

You can follow these steps to make payments using the UPI app in Bhutan and Nepal-

  • Open the UPI app and enter the login credentials to login to your account
  • Now, navigate to the UPI Dashboard where you’ll find a lot of UPI services listed
  • Here, you’ll have to click on the UPI Global button and enable the global usage of the UPI payment
  • Now, you’ll have to enter the MPIN to confirm the Global usage of the UPI app
  • After enabling the global UPI, you’ll be able to use the UPI app to make payments using the UPI app in Nepal, Bhutan, France, and other countries as well


Are there any charges for UPI payments?

No, UPI is free for both Merchant as well as for users. You do not need to pay for anything for using the UPI payments.

What is the UPI Payments Limit per day?

The UPI payments limit per day is Rs.1,00,000/- across all UPI apps.

Which are the other countries where UPI can be used?

UPI Apps can be used in various countries currently, the list of countries that allow UPI payments are France, UAE, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, the UK, USA (soon) and the list of countries joining the UPI will soon increase.

I have a bank account with Nepal Bank, Can I use the UPI app for making payments?

Yes, you can use the UPI app however, since you have a bank account with a Nepal bank, you’ll have to make sure that the Nepal Bank is listed as a partner in the UPI list of partnering banks. If your bank is not a part of the UPI partner’s list then you’ll not be able to make any payments using the UPI app.

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