How to Transfer Money SBI ATM to ATM

SBI from their arsenal of customer oriented and highly satisfying features bring another feature that no other bank can match with. The State Bank of India offers financial transaction facilities exclusively for their ATM cum Debit Cards. This facility is not available for the transference activity to other bank ATM or Debit card. Being the largest bank in the public sector it provides the best facilities in terms of service, interest, and needs of the customers.

How to transfer SBI ATM to account SBI

Follow these Steps to transfer from SBI ATM:

  • First, insert the SBI Debit cum ATM card at any ATM center.
  • Now select the preferred language.
  • Provide your PIN which you have set up and click “Yes“.
  • Select “Transfer” option available.
  • Select “Card to Card Fund Transfer” option.
  • Now provide the Debit Card number of the recipient twice
  • Enter the amount of money you want to transfer to the recipient and click “correct“.
  • Now the ATM machine asks you to confirm the amount. Click “Yes” to confirm it.
  • Now it asks about the account type. You have to go with the account type and your transaction will be completed. Don’t forget to collect receipt slip.


ATM Money Transfer limit and Time

There is no limit on a number of transactions, but total money should not exceed 40,000 in one Day and the amount will be transferred instantly.

Points to Remember

  • Sometimes it shows “timed out” while making money transfer this way. Don’t worry, it means that you have taken a little more time for the transaction. In these cases, you can simply repeat the process.
  • It is advised normally to wait for 24 hours (sometimes a little more) to check whether the account has been credited or not. Hence, having some patience is the best you can do.

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