How to Report Failed SBI ATM Transaction

Individuals use debit cards issued by the bank to withdraw cash from the ATM. It is a very convenient way to withdraw cash in case of an emergency. Also, individuals do not need to go to the bank every time they need cash, it helps the banks to keep the crowd in control and only the important work can be done in working hours.

However, sometimes the ATM can malfunction and does not hand out cash even if the money gets debited successfully from the user’s account. What to do in that situation? State Bank of India is the country’s largest public sector bank and facilitates methods to overcome this problem. Today we will explain how you can tackle this situation without increasing trouble even more.

how to report failed SBI ATM transaction

Through customer care

Most of the banks provide customer care number facility to ensure consumers will solve the difficulties in the banking operations if they have encountered any.

The scenario can also be theft or fraud in the least if not just an ATM error. You need to call on the SBI customer care to resolve the issue quickly.

Customer care number: 1800 425 3800

Explain the situation to the representative and they will assist you further. The customer care executive will submit your complaint and provide you a tracking number. Your money will be eligible for the refund within 7 working days in case it was a technical error from the bank’s side.

Through the online portal

  • Go to SBI official website and Log in with the credentials.
  • Navigate to the CMS portal of the SBI bank.
  • You need to fill all the information asked in the complaint form like Customer Type, Account Number, Complaint Name, Branch Code, Mobile Number, Email ID, Category of Complaint, Product & Services, and Nature of Complaint, etc.
  • Cross-check all the details and enter the Captcha code correctly. After that submit the application.
  • You will receive a successful submission confirmation message on your SMS and E-mail. A complaint number will also be initiated to track the status of your complaint.

Your complaint will go under review after the verification, your issue will get a resolution in 7 days.

Visiting the SBI branch

You can visit the nearest State Bank of India branch or from where you are managing your account to raise your complaint. The officials will redirect your issue to the technical wing and investigate the problem.

If your case will be verified, they will reverse your incorrect transaction debited.


SBI bank has a grievance department that looks into critical matters like this. If your problem does not resolve from the above methods then you need to contact the branch manager of your bank.

Banking Ombudsman

You can reach to the Reserve Bank of India’s appointed banking ombudsman as the final resort. You can send your complaint by post or online through the RBI official website. Ombudsman will initiate contact with you after 30 days from the submission of your complaint.

Final words

You should apply the methods provided to resolve your issue and prevent any unnecessary loss. After the submission of your complaint keep checking your bank account if the refund has been initiated. The resolution can take up to 7 days in most cases. But if the bank’s facing difficulties to solve your issue it can take a maximum of 45 days.

State Bank of India is a government-owned and the largest public sector bank. The bank headquarters is situated in Mumbai and has a network of 24000+ branches across the country.   

The failed transactions can happen from the technical errors on the bank’s side but sometimes it can be a case of fraud or unauthorized activity. In case you found that your ATM cum Debit card is lost or stolen, you can check here how to block SBI ATM cum Debit Card.