How to Open a Minor Account in the Bank Of Maharashtra?

Minor Accounts are the account that can be opened in the name of your child and can be used by your child as a normal bank account.

This facility is provided by the banks to offer customers an official bank account to students to teach financial management.

With this account, you can introduce a banking system and groom them to save money in their account. You can also deposit Pocket Money into your child’s account.

There are a lot of banks that provide Minor Accounts here, we will discuss how to Open Minor Accounts in the Bank of Maharashtra.

But first, let’s discuss the eligibility criteria for opening the minor account.

How to Open Minor Account in Bank Of Maharashtra

Eligibility for Minor Account

The following are the eligibility for opening a minor account in the Bank of Maharashtra-

  • Your kid has be a citizen of India with resident status
  • The age of the kid should be in between 10 years to 18 years of age
  • Written consent of parents/guardians must be provided

How to Open Minor Account in Bank of Maharashtra?

The following are the step-by-step instructions on how to open a minor account in the Bank of Maharashtra

  • Visit the Bank of Maharashtra branch and ask the bank representative for an account opening form for minors
  • After receiving the form, fill the form with correct details and attach all the documents mentioned below
  • After attaching the documents, submit the form with these documents along with the initial deposit amount
  • Now, the bank representative will process your request and provide you with the status of the account
  • After successfully opening the account, you will be notified about it via SMS and within 7-8 working days, you’ll find the Bank of Maharashtra Account Opening starter’s kit

Note- The bank starter’s kit contains your Debit card, Cheque book, and internet banking activation codes. You have to enable the Debit card and activate the Bank of Baroda Mobile banking and activate BOB Net Banking to use them.  

Documents Required for Minor Account in Bank of Maharashtra

The following are the documents required for Opening a Minor Account in the Bank of Maharashtra

  • Duly filled Union Bank of India application form for opening Minor Account
  • Declaration / Authorization from the Parent
  • 2 Passport size Photo
  • Address Proof-Electricity bill, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, etc.
  • Identity Certificate-Aadhaar card, Birth certificate, Voter ID, etc.
  • Copy of Student ID Card or Letter from the respective Educational Institution


What will happen when the minor account attains maturity?

If the minor account attains maturity i.e. 18 years of age then his/her account will lapse and the debit card validity will be immediately expired. You can then submit your bank details and ask the bank representative for either opening new savings account for you with full KYC documents.

Does this account come with a debit card?

Yes, a Minor account in the bank of Maharashtra comes with a debit card which you can use to withdraw funds and to pay at the POS machines.

Can we check the Bank of Maharashtra Minor account balance?

Yes, you can check your Bank of Maharashtra Minor account by using various methods like net banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, etc. Apart from these methods, you can also use the Bank of Baroda Missed Call Number to find your bank balance which is the easiest of all.

What is the age limit for opening a minor account in the Bank of Maharashtra?

The minimum age limit for opening a minor bank account in the Bank of Maharashtra is 10 years of age and the maximum age is 18 years.

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