How to Get SBI FASTag? Features, Application Process, Documents Required, Fees, etc.

FASTag is a mandatory device needed to be installed on your vehicle to facilitate toll collection by the National Highway Authority of India.

This device uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to deduct the toll payments from your FASTag account electronically.

Shri Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways made the installation of FASTag mandatory for all the vehicles. If the vehicle does not make payment using FASTag, then the car owner must pay twice the amount of toll.

FASTag device is provided by many banks and other service providers. SBI Bank is one such FASTag service provider using which you can apply for SBI FASTag.

In this article, we will discuss how to get SBI FASTag, features, application process, fees & charges, etc.

How to Get SBI FASTag Features, Application Process, Documents Required, Fees, etc.

Features of SBI FASTag

The following are the features of SBI FASTag

  • Using SBI FASTag you can save time, fuel, and money by offering fast, easy, effortless toll-payment throughout the country
  • Easy recharge and Top-up facility through an authorized service provider or using online recharge sites like PAYTM, PhonePe, etc.
  • A dedicated SBI FASTag to manage the device where you can check transaction history, toll payments, FASTag account balance, etc.
  • The Tag comes with a three-year guarantee and has a lifetime validity meaning it will be out of service only if it is damaged due to wear and tear
  • For every transaction to or from your SBI FASTag account, you’ll get an SMS alert on your Registered Mobile Number

Application Process of SBI FASTag

The following are the application process of SBI FASTag-

  • SBI FASTag can be availed from your nearest SBI POS location or the bank branch
  • After visiting the SBI POS location, you have to fill the SBI FASTag application form followed by attaching all the documents mentioned below
  • Now, submit the application form and documents to the bank representative. Your application process will be verified by the bank
  • After verification is completed, your FASTag device will be sent to your via post
  • After your device has reached your home, you have to install the device on your vehicle and activate your account
  • Along with the device, you’ll also receive a password to access your FASTag device which you can change later on

Documents Required for FASTag Application

The following are the documents required for the FASTag Application-

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • SBI FASTag Application form filled
  • passport size photograph of the Vehicle owner
  • KYC Documents like Aadhaar Card, Driver’s License, Passport, etc.

SBI FASTag Fees & Charges

The following are the fees associated with the SBI FASTag-

Sr. No.Vehicle Class No.ParticularsSecurity AmountMinimum Balance
14Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle300Nil
25Light Commercial Vehicle300300
36Three Axle Commercial Vehicles400300
5124 to 6 axle400300
6157 or More Axle400300

How to Install SBI FASTag on my Car?

You can use the following steps to install SBI FASTag on your car-

  • Once, your RFID device has reached your resident address, you’ve to reach your vehicle and clean the windscreen from inside with a solution
  • Make sure the windscreen is clean and there are no blocking elements like stickers. The windscreen must be fully transparent so that the device’s wireless chip can be scanned
  • Now, open the SBI FASTag device and remove the sticker from the device
  • Stick the FASTag device on the windscreen from inside. The position of the FASTag must be at the center of the windscreen and must be visible from the outside
  • Your SBI  FASTag has been installed now and can be used hassle-free


What is the helpline number for SBI FASTasg?

The helpline number of SBI FASTag is 1800 11 0018. You can contact the bank if you have any queries or issues related to SBI FASTag.

What should I do if there is a dispute at the toll plaza?

You can contact the bank branch if your FASTag device is not working. The NPCI workers will tell you if your FASTag’s balance is finished. In that case, you have to pay the toll using Cash.

How to cancel or surrender SBI FASTag?

You have to submit a written request to surrender or cancellation of the SBI FASTag. You also have to submit the FASTag device to the bank along with the application for cancellation.

What to do if incorrect deductions were made using my FASTag?

You have to contact NPCI and Bank both regarding incorrect dedication and if your request holds correct the deducted amount will be refunded bank to your FASTag account.

What if the Toll-plaza device does not work, Do I have to pay in cash?

No, if the Toll-Plaza device is not working then According to the NPCI direction, the collection authority will provide a free pass to the vehicles. You are not required to pay any toll fee. But, if your device has malfunctioned then you are liable to pay the fee in cash or credit/debit card, etc.

How to avail of the monthly Toll pass?

You can avail monthly pass at the selected toll plaza only, other toll plazas through the country will charge you the regular amount only.

What If my device is damaged, Can I replace it?

Yes, you can replace your FASTag device by contacting the bank and communicating your damaged device status. The bank will transfer your old account balance to the new one after the deduction of the replacement cost.