What Is M-Pin and How to Generate M-Pin?

M-Pin or Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number is a password that provides the authentication to the user while using the Mobile Banking service. M-Pin secures user banking by using a two-step authentication that introduces another step in the banking process to ensure the authenticity of the user. It is a 4-6 Digit Number used for various services like fund transfer, Balance check, and other mobile banking services. In mobile banking, the very first authentication is the M-Pin that you enter followed by the OTP received on your Registered Mobile Number (RMN).

How to Generate M-Pin?

Before using the mobile banking app services it is mandatory for the user to generate the M-Pin. M-Pin can be easily generated using various methods-

Using UPI Apps

UPI apps extensively use the M-Pin to offer the banking service to the users. You can also use the UPI App to change, generate and access the banking M-Pin. You can generate the M-Pin using UPI App by following these steps-

  • Login to UPI app using the User ID and password
  • Go to the Account Management option
  • Find the option to Set MPIN
  • Follow the given instructions to generate a new MPIN

Using Net Banking

Net Banking can also be used to generate the M-Pin. You need to follow these steps to generate the New M-Pin for your account-

  • Open the banking portal and log in to it by entering the User Id and Password
  • Locate the Mobile Banking option form the Menu and then select the M-Pin option
  • Click on “Setup MPIN”
  • Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP
  • Enter the 4-digit M-PIN you want to set ad press “confirm”
  • An SMS will be sent confirming your New M-Pin setup

Using Bank Branch

You can contact the bank branch for generation of New M-Pin. You have to fill a form which is available at the bank branch. The request of pin generation can be submitted to the counter. After the form submission, the bank representative will provide you with the details of new M-Pin.

Using ATM Card

ATM Machine can be used to set the M-Pin to use the Mobile banking service. The set-up method for M-Pin using ATM is as follows-

  • Insert your ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  • Enter the ATM Pin and press “Confirm”
  • Now Select menu “Forgot login password/ MPIN.
  • After verification of data using OTP, You can set a new M-Pin
  • The confirmation of the M-Pin will be sent to your RMN

Using USSD Code

USSD Code can also be used to set the M-Pin and can also be changed. This is the best method for setting pin for a feature Phone that does not has an internet facility. USSD Code uses the dialing pad to access the service. M-Pin setup process can be initiated using the following steps-

  • Dial the *99# using your phone
  • Select the “Generate M-Pin” option by pressing the number written before the service
  • Now Enter your last 6-digit number<space> expiry date and press send
  • Now enter the New M-Pin and press send
  • Your New M-Pin is generated

FAQ on M-Pin

Q. Can my ATM PIN and MPIN be same?

An. Yes, ATM PIN and MPIN can be the same but it is recommended to keep it different for security reasons

Q. Where can I use this MPIN?

An. MPIN can be used to authorize IMPS transactions and balance check facility using UPI Apps.

Q. What if my mobile number is not registered for mobile banking?

An. This service is not available for customers whose mobile number is not registered for mobile banking. You can register your Mobile number by contacting the bank branch or using the SMS Mobile Number registration process.

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