How to Check TJSB Sahakari Bank Balance?

Keeping a check on your bank balance is essential to ensure you manage your finances well. To do that, you usually visit a bank branch and find your bank balance however, this method is very time-consuming.

You can avoid all these by simply using digital as well as other balance-checking methods which will help you in finding your bank balance.  

In this article, we will discuss how to check TJSB Sahakari Bank Balance, missed call banking, SMS Banking, etc.

How to Check TJSB Sahakari Bank Balance

TJSB Sahakari Bank Missed Call Banking

TJSB Sahakari Bank provides the account holder with the balance check method using the missed call number.

To use the TJSB Sahakari Bank balance check number, you’ll have to dial-in TJSB Bank Missed Call Number-9212005550 and find the bank balance of your account. Your bank balance will be sent to you by your bank via SMS.

TJSB Sahakari Bank SMS Banking

SMS Banking is a banking method where you’ll use the SMS to use various banking services. When you use this service, you also have an option to find your bank balance.

To find the bank balance of TJSB Sahakari Bank you can use the SMS Banking Mobile Number-9870888210. You’ll have to send the SMS with the specific keyword to this number.

The bank will then send you the desired service details as a reply via SMS. Apart from balance checks, TJSB Sahakari bank also provides you with other banking services like the last 3 transaction checks and cheque details service to use along with missed call banking.

The following are the keywords that you’ll have to use to use the SMS Banking services-

1SBALBalance InquirySBAL
E.g. SBAL SB 345
2LST3Last 3 TransactionsLST3
E.g. LST3 SB 180
3FCHQFate of ChequeFCHQ SB
E.g. FCHQ 123456 SB 345

TJSB Sahakari Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is a banking method using which you can use your smartphone to find bank services within the comfort of your home, office, etc.

Using the Mobile banking app is convenient and easy for users. You can download the app from the play store or app store to start using the app.

To get started with the TJSB Sahakari mobile banking app, you’ll have to first visit the TJSB Sahakari Bank and register your mobile banking. After registration, you can download the app followed by activating it to start using the app.

You can find your bank balance using the mobile banking app by using logging into the account and navigating to the Account summary section of the account.

TJSB Sahakari Bank Net Banking

Net Banking is a banking method that uses the power of the internet to deliver banking services online to account holders. You can use net banking to perform all the banking tasks easily.

You can visit the login to the TJSB Sahakari Bank net banking account using your login credential and navigate to the account summary section to find the bank balance of your account.

UPI Banking

A Unified Payment Interface is a payment system that allows you to use your banking services using the UPI apps. You can use the UPI App to find banking services using your Smartphone and UPI app.

To find the bank balance of your UPI Bank, you’ll have to login to your UPI account followed by navigating to the account section.

In the account section, you’ll have to click on the check balance button followed by entering the 4-digit MPIN. You can then find the bank balance of your account easily.

Visiting Nearest ATM

You can use your ATM card to find the bank balance of your TJSB Sahakari bank account. You can follow these steps to find the bank balance of your account using the ATM Machine-

  • Visit your nearest ATM (you can use any ATM to find the bank balance) and insert your card in the card slot
  • After that, you’ll have to enter the ATM Card PIN to initiate the ATM services
  • Now, select the Account balance check and you’ll find the bank balance of your account displayed.  


Q. What types of account offers the TJSB Sahakari Bank Missed Call Number?

Ans. You can avail of the TJSB Sahakari Bank savings and current account to find your bank balance using missed call banking.

Q. How many times the inquiry of the balance check can be done?

Ans. There are no limits to using the balance check facility, you can use the service as many times as you should be required.

Q. What happens when the account holder has more than one account linked to the same number?

Ans. In this case, you should use SMS Banking or other banking methods to find the bank balance of your account. If you are using SMS Banking, then while entering the balance check keyword, you’ll have to mention the account number as well.