How to Check IDFC FIRST Bank Account Balance?

IDFC First Bank provides various methods to check bank account balance like Missed call, SMS banking and more. If you are expecting some credit into your account or deposited cheque and need to know the balance quickly, you can use one of the methods given below.

How to Check IDFC FIRST Bank Account Balance
IDFC First Bank Balance Inquiry Number

IDFC First Bank Balance Inquiry Number

One of the convenient methods to check your account balance quickly is the IDFC First Bank Missed Call Number. IDFC First Bank customers can call toll free number 1800 2700 720. When you call this toll free IDFC First Bank missed call number, you will be greeted with a confirmation message that you will receive an SMS for your request shortly and the call will be disconnected automatically. An SMS containing your bank account details will be received at your mobile number.

The missed call number will respond with the balance to the registered number only. In case you are calling from non registered number, you will receive an SMS saying: “Sorry, This is not a valid mobile number.

IDFC First Bank SMS Balance

IDFC First Bank also provides the SMS Banking facility that enables the bank account holder to send a text message with pre-defined syntax and receive an SMS containing the bank account balance details. The pre-defined syntax is given below and SMS needs to be sent at 5676732 or 9289289960. Apart from the current balance in the account, you can also get a mini statement via SMS by sending the below SMS.

Query SMS Text (Send through registered number)
Balance BAL <Space><Last 4 digits of account number>
Last 5 transactions TXN <Space><Last 4 digits of account number>
Cheque book request CHQBK <Space><Last 4 digits of account number>
Stop cheque CHQSTOP <Space><Last 4 digits of account number><Space><6 digits of cheque number>
Blocking of Debit card BLOCK <Space><Last 4 digits of card number>
List of SMS banking keywords HELP

IDFC First Bank What’s App Banking

What’s app is a popular messaging app that is used by many people to talk to each other via text, and video/audio calls. IDFC First Bank also has What’s App banking services which you can use to contact the bank for some services. You can initiate the IDFC First Bank What’s App Banking service by sending a Hi message on the What’s App- 95555 55555. The following are the services provided by the IDFC First Bank via What’s App Banking-

  • FASTag Services
  • Credit Card Services
  • Instant Savings Bank Services
  • Locate Nearest ATM

IDFC First Bank Net Banking

Net Banking is a service that enables the bank account holder to use the banking service within the comfort of the home. To use this service for balance check you need to get the login details to form the bank branch. After receiving the login details you can start using the IDFC First Bank Net Banking at

IDFC First Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is similar to net banking the only difference being the use of a mobile device instead of a desktop. It is an easier method of banking and provides all the banking services like fund transfer, balance checks, etc.

IDFC First Bank ATM

You can also use the IDFC First Bank ATM Card associated with your bank account to find the bank account balance. It is free to use service and can be used on any of the bank ATM Machines. To use the service you can follow these steps-

  • Insert your ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN and press ok
  • Now select the balance inquiry option

Minimum Maintenance Balance for IDFC First Bank

Every Bank has a minimum maintenance balance that has to be maintained by the account holder to keep the account operational. The following are the minimum maintenance balance of IDFC First Bank Account-

Type of Account Average Monthly Maintenance Balance
Personal Savings Account 25,000
Regular Business Account 10,000
Regular Business Account-II 1,00,000
IDFC Shakti 100
IDFC Param 1000
IDFC Vishesh 5000

If the account holder fails to maintain the minimum balance then the account will be charged. The charges for Non-Maintenance Balance is as follows-

Type of Account Condition Non-Maintenance Balance
Personal Savings Account NA Charged to keep the account operational
Regular Business Account NA 300
Regular Business Account-II NA 500
IDFC Shakti NA 20
IDFC Param Rs. 500 to less than Rs. 1000
less than Rs. 500

IDFC Vishesh Rs. 2500/- to less than Rs. 5000
Less than Rs. 2500