How to Check Canara Bank Account balance?

To maintain a proper ledger of the money you need to know how much bank balance you have. For that, you can use ATM machines or Passbook update but it is time-consuming. Therefore, To save time and easy banking Canara Bank provides various method to check Account Balance for Canara bank customers.

Canara Bank is one of the largest banks in the country. It was established in 1906 in Mangalore making it one of the oldest banks in the country.  The bank had a network of 6639 branches and more than 10600 ATMs spread across all over India.

canara bank account balance check miss call number

Canara Bank provides Account Balance check by following ways.

  • Missed Call
  • SMS
  • Net banking
  • Canara Bank Swipe

Canara Bank Missed Call Banking

Canara Bank has different numbers for different services they provide. The Missed Call number to check the account balance for your Canara Bank Account is 9015483483. This  number will be automatically disconnected after a few rings, after that you will get a notification about you details of Canara Bank Balance. Apart from Bank Balance Canara Bank provides other services enquiry Number too which is listed below-

Phone number Services
09015 483 483 To Enquire the Account Balance in English
9015 734 7340 To Enquire the last 5 Transactions in English
0 9015 613 613 To Enquire the  5 Transactions in Hindi
0 9015 637 637 Home loan inquiry
0 9015 642 642 Car loan inquiry
0 9015 257 257 Home loan for HNI customers
0 9015 778 668 Home loan for NRI customers

Canara Bank Account Balance Check by SMS (Simply SMS)

The SMS service offered by Canara Bank works by registering your Mobile Number with the Account Number and sending the SMS to 5607060

You can check the following details by sending the SMS from your Registered Mobile Number-

Services Format
Change MPIN CANCMPIN<space>userid<space>default_MPIN<space>new_MPIN
 Balance Enquiry CANBAL<space>userid<space>MPIN
Mini Statement CANTXN<space>userid<space>MPIN
Forget MPIN CAN<space>FGETMPIN<space> userid
Cheque status CANCHQ<space>cheque number<space>userid<space>mpin

Canara Bank Swipe

Canara Bank has launched its app called Canara Bank Swipe that enables its users to experience all the banking services in this single apps. The download link of the app is given below.

Download on Play store

Download on Apple Store

Canara Bank Net Banking.

Canara Bank through their internet services provides a net banking facility with many other features. Apart from transferring funds, you can also check Canara Bank Account Balance by Login to Canara Bank Net Banking.

Check Canara Bank Balance by ATM

ATM Machines provides free balance check facilities. You can use it in any bank ATM, all the bank ATM  Machines can be used to check the balance.

How to check the balance?

  • Insert your ATM card into an ATM- Machines will allow you to check your balance for free.
  • Type in your PIN on the machine- A four-digit number you should have set up when you opened your account.
  • Select the option to view your balance- You will be able to go back and make a withdrawal or print that balance.

Canara Bank Minimum Balance Requirement

The minimum balance required for the Canara Bank depends on the location of the branch

  • For Metro, Urban and Semi-Urban, the Average Monthly Balance is Rs.1000/-
  • for Rural branches, the Average Monthly Balance is Rs.500/-
Metro, Urban and Semi-Urban Branches Rural  Branches
Average Monthly Balance against the stipulated amount of Rs. 1000/- Penalty per month Average Monthly Balance against the stipulated amount of Rs. 500/- Penalty per month
Rs. 999/- to Rs. 700/- Rs. 20/- +
Rs. 499/- to Rs. 350/- Rs. 20/- +
Rs. 699/- to Rs. 400/- Rs. 30/- +
Rs. 349/- to Rs. 200/- Rs. 30/- +
Rs. 399/- and below Rs. 40/- +
Rs. 199/- and below Rs. 40/- +