How to Check Allahabad Bank Account balance?

Many Customers of the bank has to use different means to find the account balance for their account. The different methods that customer uses is ATM Card, Passbook update which requires you to visit the bank establishment. Allahabad Bank provides different methods that can be used to find the bank Account Balance which does not require you to leave the comfort of your home and you can easily find the Allahabad Bank account details.

About Allahabad Bank

The Allahabad Bank is the oldest bank to enter joint stock in India. It was established in 1865 in Allahabad. In 2018 the bank entered its 154th year of establishment. It was recently ranked 1882 in  Forbes 2000 list. Allahabad Bank has 3245 branched all over India and some offices outside India as well.

Allahabad bank balance check number

Allahabad Bank provides Account Balance check by following ways.

  • Missed Call
  • SMS
  • Net banking
  • Allahabad Bank App

Allahabad Bank Missed Call Banking

Allahabad Bank provides a free to use service that offers their customers to give a missed call to the toll-free number 9224150150 and get their account balance details via SMS on their registered mobile number.

Allahabad Bank Account Balance Check by SMS

The SMS service offered by Allahabad Bank works by registering your Mobile Number with the Account Number and sending the SMS to 9223150150.

The following is the format of sending the SMS-

Code Description SMS Format
HELP Help on How to Use HELP <Message Code>
BALAVL Balance Inquiry BALAVL <A/c no>
LATRAN Last 5 Transactions LATRAN <A/c no>
STMACC Account Request Statement STMACC <Start date> <End date> <A/c no>
CHQREQ Cheque Book Request CHQREQ <No. of Leaves> <A/c no>
STPPAY Stop Payment STPPAY <Chq no> <A/c no> <PIN>
STPREV Revoke Stop Payment STPREV <Chq no> <A/c no><PIN>
CHQSTS Issued Cheque Status Inquiry CHQSTS <Chq no> <A/c no>

 Allahabad Bank App

Allahabad Bank App is free and can be downloaded from the app store.

Allahabad Bank Net Banking.

Allahabad Bank through their internet services provides a net banking facility with many other features. You can check Allahabad Bank account balance by login to Allahabad Bank Net Banking.

Check Allahabad Bank Balance by ATM

ATM Machines provides free balance check facilities. You can use it in any bank ATM. All the bank ATM Machines can be used to check the balance.

How to Check the Balance?

  • Insert your ATM card into an ATM- Machines will allow you to check your balance for free.
  • Type in your PIN on the machine- A four-digit number you should have set up when you opened your account.
  • Select the option to view your balance- You will be able to go back and make a withdrawal or print that balance.

Minimum Balance required for Allahabad Bank

The Minimum Balance Required for Allahabad Bank depends on the geographical location and the facility the account comes with.

With cheque book facility

The Minimum Balance Required for Allahabad bank is Rs.500/- for Rural and Semi-Urban branches and Rs.1000/- for Urban and Metro branches.

Without cheque book facility

The Minimum Balance Required for Allahabad bank is Rs.100/- for Rural and Semi-Urban branches and Rs.500/- for Urban and Metro branches.

For pensioners, there is no requirement for maintaining a minimum balance.