How to Activate Net Banking in Union Bank of India? Process, etc.

Union Bank of India provides digital banking services including Net Banking to the account holders. If you are an account holder of Union Bank then you can get net banking services easily.

Just follow the below-mentioned steps and you’ll be able to use the net banking services offered by the Union Bank. For that, you would need to enable the net banking from the bank followed by activating the net banking for your account.

How to Activate Net Banking in Union Bank of India Process, etc.

How to Register for Net Banking in Union Bank of India?

Nowadays, a bank account comes with Net Banking enabled, but if you have an old account then you would have to enable the digital banking services from your account. The following are the steps to register for Net Banking in Union bank of India-

  • Visit the Union Bank of India premises and ask the bank representative for an account Updating form
  • Now, fill the form with correct details like name, account number, etc. followed by ticking on the digital banking service request
  • You’ll have to tick on all the bank services you need to be enabled like mobile banking, net banking, etc.
  • After filling out the form, you’ll have to submit the form along with an identification ID to the bank’s official
  • After reviewing the request, your application will be processed within 2-3 working days
  • You’ll be notified about the update via SMS on your registered mobile number.

How to Activate Net Banking in Union Bank of India?

The following are the step by step instructions to activate your net banking in your Union Bank of India account-

  • Visit the official Net Banking portal of Union Bank of India and click on the New Registration button in the login panel
  • After clicking on the button, you’ll be redirected to the activation portal where you’ll have to select the “Online Self User Creation – Retail users having Debit Card” option followed by clicking on the continue button
  • Now, enter your Account Number, Date of Birth, or PAN Card Number followed by solving the captcha and clicking on the continue button
  • Now, enter the ATM card details like ATM Card number, ATM PIN, and any of the transaction amount of the last 5 transactions
  • An OTP will be sent on your registered mobile number which you’ll have to enter and verify
  • After verification, you’ll be assigned a User ID used as a login ID and the Login password and Transaction password are to be set up by you
  • After setting up your password, you can use Union Bank Net Banking using your login credentials set up by you


How many days it can take for the activation of Net banking after registration?

It can take somewhere around 3-7 business days however sometimes banks can even activate your account within 2 days as well. You’ll be notified about the Net Banking activation on your registered mobile number via SMS.

Do I need to register for a Net Banking account or can I directly activate my net banking account in Union Bank of India?

It depends on your account, the bank account which has been opened recently already comes with net banking registered meaning you do not need to register for enabling the net banking on your account, you can directly go to activate the net banking account. Only the older account needs a registration process to be followed.

Can we check Union Bank Balance using Net Banking?

Yes, you can check your Union Bank balance using Net Banking by navigating to the account summary section of the page and you’ll find the bank balance of your account displayed there.

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