How to Activate Net Banking in the Bank of Maharashtra?

In this modern era, Net Banking is an essential element when it comes to banking. Almost every bank in India offers digital banking services to their respective account holders.

Bank of Maharashtra is one of the best Government banks in India that provides digital banking services to the customer.

Digital banking can help an account holder by providing remote access to banking services. Whether it’s bank holidays or anything else, you can remotely access your account easily.  

To start using the net banking feature of your account, you’ll have to register and activate your account. Here, we have provided you with step-by-step instructions on how to activate net banking in the Bank of Maharashtra.

How to Activate Net Banking in the Bank of Maharashtr

How to Register Net Banking in Bank of Maharashtra?

Getting your account registered for net banking services is the very first step that you should take to be the net banking activation for the Bank of Maharashtra.

A newly opened Bank of Maharashtra account will automatically have Net Banking registered and only old accounts need to register themselves first.

For newly opened accounts, you can straight away begin the activation process for Net Banking in Bank of Maharashtra, and the old account must follow these steps to do so-

  • Visit the official Net banking portal of the Bank of Maharashtra
  • Now, a form will appear which you’ll have to fill with details like your account number, branch address, name, email, mobile number, etc.
  • After filling in all these details, An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number which you’ll have to confirm
  • After confirming the mobile number, you’ll receive the User Id and login password, and transaction password for your net banking login via post
  • After receiving these details, you can begin your activation process

How to Activate Net Banking in the Bank of Maharashtra?

You can follow these steps to activate Net Banking in Bank of Maharashtra-

  • To get started with the activation process, open the net banking portal of the Bank of Maharashtra
  • Now, dial in the Bank of Maharashtra toll-free number i.e. 1800 233 4526/1800 102 2636 from your registered mobile number and follow the IVR instruction to activate your net banking
  • Your account has been now activated and you can use the User ID and password received via Post to login to your account
  • After logging in, you’ll have to change your login password and create a new transaction password for you to use the account
  • After creating the password, you’ll be able to use the Bank of Maharashtra effortlessly


Can we check our bank balance using the Bank of Maharashtra net Banking?

Yes, you can check your Bank of Maharashtra bank balance using net banking. You’ll have to login to your account and navigate to the account summary section and there you’ll find the bank balance of the Bank of Maharashtra account.

I did not receive the courier password for my net banking registration, what to do?

If you did not receive the courier password for your net banking registration, then you should contact the bank branch immediately and convey your issue. Most probably, you’ll receive the courier within 5-7 working days or your courier will be delivered to your branch and you can collect it from there.

I am unable to login to my account using the password sent via post, what to do?

The password sent via post is a case-sensitive one and hence required you to correctly insert the password. In case, you are unable to login to your account then you should immediately contact the bank and tell them your issue.

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