How to Activate Mobile Banking in Union Bank of India? Register, Activation, etc.

Mobile Banking is an essential element for digital banking infrastructure as it is handy and easy for you to use. Multiple banks provide Mobile Banking services to the account holders.

Union Bank of India is also one such bank that provides digital banking services including the mobile banking app. You can basically use all the banking services that you get from a branch without having had to visit the bank using the mobile banking app.

For using the mobile banking app by Union Bank of India, you’ve to activate the mobile banking app to use it. In this article, we will discuss How to Activate Mobile Banking in the Union Bank of India? Process, etc.

How to Activate Mobile Banking in Union Bank of India Process, etc.

How to Register for the Mobile Banking app in Union Bank of India?

To get started with the Union Bank, you are required to get your account registered to use the digital banking services, new account that the account holders are opening comes with these services enabled. Only the accounts which are old need to have the registration mandatory. You can follow these steps to register your account using the mobile banking app activated for Union Bank of India-

  • Visit the nearest Union Bank of India Branch and ask the bank official for an account correction form
  • Now, fill the form with your details like name, account number, address, etc. make sure to mention the services that you want like mobile banking, SMS banking, Union Bank net banking, etc.
  • After filling out the form, you are required to submit the form to the bank official along with an Identification ID like Aadhar Card, PAN card, etc.
  • Your application will be reviewed and the bank official will forward the request to other authorities
  • You’ll receive the confirmation that your digital banking services have been enabled
  • You can now begin the activation process for your mobile banking account

How to Activate the Mobile Banking app in Union Bank of India?

The following are the activation process for the mobile banking app for Union Bank of India-

  • Download and open the Union Bank Mobile Banking app called “nxt”
  • Now, select the language of the app and select the SIM card which is connected to your bank
  • Now, you’ll be redirected to the registration page where you’ll find the Activate button, click on the button
  • After clicking on the activate button, an SMS will be sent from your phone to the bank servers to confirm your registration
  • Now, you’ll be prompted to choose the services you want from the mobile banking app
  • After selecting the services, you’ll have three options to begin the registration process, which are as follows-
    • I have a Debit card
    • I have Internet banking
    • I have Branch Generated Token
  • After selecting the activation process, you’ll have to enter the details and click on the proceed button
  • Now, set up the MPIN which will be used for logging in followed by setting up the transaction PIN used while transferring funds
  • After successful setting up of your account, you can now start using the mobile banking app by logging into your account using the login credentials set up by you


Can I find the Union Bank of India account balance using the app?

Yes, you can check the Union Bank of India account balance using this app. Just login to your account and navigate to the account summary section of the app and you’ll find the account balance displayed on the screen.

I forgot my MPIN, how can I login to my account?

If you’ve forgotten your MPIN, you’ll have to reset your password by clicking on the forgot password button. You can then follow the onscreen instruction and reset your password.

Can I login to my account using the Fingerprint sensor on my mobile device?

Yes, you can enable the fingerprint sensor login by navigating to the setting section and enabling the option for login using fingerprint.

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