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How to Check Federal Bank Account Balance 2021 – 2022?

It becomes difficult to keep a track on the bank account balance due to the busy life. The Federal bank offers a balance check facility that enables the account holder to give a missed call on a number and get his account balance details via SMS.

Federal Bank Balance Inquiry Number 2021 – 2022

The missed call number for Federal Bank is 8431900900. After giving a missed call, the number will be disconnected automatically and an SMS regarding the bank account balance details will be sent to your number. You can also find the mini-statement about your last transactions. The number to find mini-statement is 8431600600. This service also works like missed call number which sends the details on SMS. To use this service the account holder need to register the account for this service this can be done by sending an SMS as described below to 9895088888

SyntaxACTBAL <space> 14 digit account number

Federal Bank Balance Inquiry Number 2021 – 2022

About Federal Bank

Federal Bank is a private sector bank established in the pre-independence era in the year 1931. The bank has grown to be the pioneer in providing the best banking service like internet banking, mobile banking, balance check number and much more. Apart from the Federal Bank missed call number the bank also provides various methods that can be used to find the bank account balance-

  • Federal Bank SMS Banking
  • Federal Bank Mobile Banking
  • Federal Bank Net Banking
  • Federal Bank ATM

Federal Bank SMS Balance Check Number

SMS Banking is a feature that enables the account holder to send a pre-defined text message to the Federal Bank SMS Banking Number 9895088888 OR 5676762. The pre-defined text message format are as follows-

Service Syntax
Balance Inquiry BAL <space> my short no
Mini-Statement TXN <space> my short no
Cheque Status CPS <space> my short no <space> Cheque
Cheque Book Reques CBR <space> my account
Find your MMID MMID
Block Debit Card BLOCK <space> Last four digits of Debit Card

My Short No- It will be in the format SB + last 4 digits of the account number.

Federal Bank Balance Check by Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is one of the best ways to use the banking service. It saves time and effort as you can use the service 24X7 a day and 365 days a week. It uses the Smartphone as a medium which is used by everyone now a day to do all the banking activates which makes it more acceptable. The download links for the respective devices are as follows-

Federal Bank Balance Check by Net Banking

Federal Bank offers internet banking facility that enables the account holder to use the net banking facility 24X7 and 365 days a week. To avail this service the account holder needs to contact the branch to get the log in details. After receiving the log in detail the account holder can log in to Federal Bank Net Banking.

Federal Bank Balance Check by ATM

You can use the Federal Bank ATM Card to use to check the bank account balance for your account. You can use any bank ATM Machine and this service is free of cost. You can follow the following steps to find the bank account balance-

  • Insert your ATM Card in the ATM Machine
  • Enter your PIN number in the machine
  • Select the Balance inquiry option

Minimum Maintenance Balance for Federal Bank

Every bank has a minimum maintenance balance that has to be maintained by the account holder. The minimum maintenance balances for the Federal Bank are as follows-

Savings Account

Type of Savings Account Balance Required
Basic Savings Bank Deposit Nil
Fed Smart Rs. 1,00,000
Selfie Account Nil
Freedom SB Rs.1000
Mahilamitra Rs. 5000

Current Account

Scheme Types AMB Requirement
Freedom Current 5,000
Current Plus 10,000
Fed Trade 25,000
Fed Trade50 50,000
Fed Trade Plus 1,00,000
Fed Chit 1,00,000
Fed Vanijya 5,00,000
Fed Vanijya Plus 10,00,000

If the account holder does not maintain the charges then the account will be subject to charges/fine the non-Maintenance charges are as follows-

Non-Maintenance Charges for Savings Bank Account

AMB Non Maintenance Charges
Savings Accounts Rural and Senior Citizens Schemes Other Schemes Item Shortfall in AMB Charges
Shortfall in AMB Charges(₹ Per month) Charges* (₹ Per month) Shortfall in AMB Charges* (₹ Per month)
Upto 20% 27 Upto 20% 30
Above 20% upto 40% 54 Above 20% upto 40% 60
Above 40% upto 60% 81 Above 40% upto 60% 90
Above 60% upto 80% 108 Above 60% upto 80% 120
Above 80% upto 100% 135 Above 80% upto 100% 150

Non-Maintenance Charges for Current Bank Account

Scheme Types Charges (Rs. Per Month)
Freedom Current 200
Current Plus 300
Fed Trade 350
Fed Trade50 400
Fed Trade Plus 500
Fed Chit 500
Fed Vanijya 1000
Fed Vanijya Plus 1000

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